Sunset In Serengeti

Sunset in Serengeti.

Japanese Maple Tree of Life

Butchard Gardens Victoria British Columbia Canada. "The Serpent Tree of Life". Digital Painting by San Diego Photographer Russell Harris

Blue Ring Angelfish In Kelp

School of Blue Ring Angelfish hiding in a kelp bed

Zebra - Black And White

Zebras are social animals that reside in large groups known as "harems." Mountain and plains zebras live in harems that generally consist of one stallion, six mares and their young.


Dawn In Tuscany Italy

Watercolor painting of the Tuscany valley in Italy. Early morning mist.

Foggy Morning

Morning coastal foggy morning in La Jolla California.

Three French Angels

Digital watercolor sketch of three french angelfish over a tropical reef

Moorish Idols - Tropical Fish

Moorish Idols saltwater fish in a underwater kelpbed with seaweed digitally sketched and watercolored

Kelp And Queen Anglefish

Watercolor and sketch of Queen Anglefish in kelpbed.

Harlequin Tusk In Kelp

Harlequin Tusk marine fish which is a species of wrasse native to the western Pacific Ocean.

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