Realtor MLS Real Estate Listing Photography Shoot

Cardiff-by-the-Sea Realtor MLS Listing Photography Shoot

"We just downloaded the photos of our MLS listing photo shoot and we are looking at them now... WOW YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks so much!!" - Rick C.

Photography For Realtor Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Photography for Realtor MLS Listing PhotosLa Jolla Photographer Russell Harris Captures Photos That Help Sell Your MLS Listing

If you are looking to sell your home and will be advertising it either in the MLS, brochures or online one of the first investments you will want to make in selling your home is to have your home photographed in it's best light.

Real Estate Photography requires a specialized photographer. You want your home photographed from the perspective of marketing your home to sell. Finding the right photographer who understands this goal is your first hurdle. We have posted online photos we have done for some of San Diego's top realtors for homes ranging from $300,000 to multi-million dollar homes.

Small Bathrooms are a great example of the capabilities of a Real Estate Photographer.  Many times they are a small bathroom such as a half-bath.  This can be tricky but showing it as a valuable room in your home will be a good indicator of your Real Estate photographer's abilities.

Staging you home prior to having us arrive will make a big difference in the final result of your MLS listing photos.  This recent shoot in Cardiff-by-the-sea shows a very inviting kitchen....

Real Estate Photography - Kitchen - MLS Listing Photography by Russ Harris PhotographyCardiff-by-the-sea MLS Listing Photography by Russ Harris Photography
"Your photos are gorgeous!  My clients Tom and Sherri are thrilled with your amazing photos!   Real Estate would not be as fun without you!  You are a master of your craft."      Tami Laba | Broker / Owner 

On-Location Magazine Photo Shoot in Point Loma's Pizzeria Pummaro

Russ Harris Photography was selected to photograph Point Loma's new Pizzeria Pummaro. Mr. Harris was on-location for the photography shoot for a published magazine article in a San Diego magazine.  Mr. Harris has been used to photograph some of San Diego's finest restaurants and their executive chef's.

Realtor Listing Photos - MLS - Real Estate Listing Agent Photography

Photography for real estate, commercial property, architecture and interior design in San Diego County. This photo shoot was done for Tami Laba Owner/Broker for Assist2Sell. Her client sent Russ the following comments on his photography of their home.

"OMG, Tami, these are Awesome - Fantastic - Magical photographs. Can't believe it is our home!!! Thank you so much for asking Russ to photograph our home. What an artist he is and we are so fortunate he fit us into his schedule. - Kathy"

La Jolla Photographer Captures Delicious Dessert at Saiko Sushi

San Diego Food Photographer, Russell Harris celebrated with family and friends at the hottest Sushi restaurant in North Park when he captured this scrumptious dessert... Who would have thought that after tasting some of the best sushi and craft sake in San Diego that you would get a wonderful dessert too!! Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar in North Park, are a welcome new addition to the growing foodie scene in one of America’s hippest neighborhoods. Saiko North Park is the younger sister of Saiko Coronado, which is now a favorite dining destination in that charming beach community.

KUSI News - San Diego, CA

Food Photography

I was at a dinner party last night and loved the desserts but only had my iPhone to capture these sweet treats... Food photography assignments are one of my favorite subjects as they are truly eatable art creations.  Everyone involved in our commercial photo shoots looks forward to when the client says "It's a wrap"... that's the time when everyone from the editor, art director, food stylist, chef, and yes your San Diego photographer gets to test these tasty creations!!   It's the photographer's job to capture these "Eatable Art" into a mouth watering photo... I'm sorry to say my iPhone just didn't capture how good these tasty treats actually were...

Product Photography Shoot of Unique Watches photographed by San Diego Photographer Russ Harris

Published Commercial PhotographyWatch and Jewelry Photography - Magazine Assignment Published by San Diego Photographer Russell Harris

San Diego photographer Russ Harris recently did a studio product photo shoot for a magazine article on unique watches. Product photography is offered either on-location or studio. Photography packages can custom tailored for our clients.  Visit our rates page for a starting point then give us a call to discuss your particular project.

Union Bank Selects "Scripps Pier" Photo by Fine Art Photographer Russ Harris for 30 foot by 10 foot Wall Mural in their La Jolla Branch.

Russ Harris' photo "La Jolla Scripps Pier" was selected to become a 30 foot by 10 foot mural for the La Jolla branch of Union Bank. As a residence of La Jolla and a published commercial photographer, Russ' photos have appeared on magazine covers, published articles, advertisements and now a wall mural.

Preview Russ' photography of La Jolla's iconic locations online at (short URL for ).   

The "La Jolla Scripps Pier" photo was photographed from the south side of the pier.   The bank has not indicated a date when the mural will be installed.

Sweet Commercial Photo Shoot - Sweet Things Yogurt - Hilton Bayside

San Diego Photographer, Russ Harris, was selected to photograph Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt for their new advertising campaign. Sweet Things Yogurt has two locations in San Diego locations. Owners, Nancy and her son, Jake run their fun bayside yogurt shop which is located in the Hilton. Photographed their frozen delights and enjoyed the family environment which was friendly, inviting and delicious too!! The commercial photo shoot encompassed on location shooting their entire menu of no fat, dairy free swirly delights which included shakes, with names like Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet (Dairy Free) and Cookie Dough (no sugar added).... yummm. Next time you're downtown bayside stop by and say hi to Nancy and Jake and let them know that Russ recommended that you stop by!!!  Sweet!!

Published Food Photography Assignments For Some of San Diego's Finest Restaurant's
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